For Clan, Kin, and the Gods

Fire Season: 1620 #2

Behind-Session Myth:

Ves Venna and the Kin Slayers

Old Stones’ Legend

Valind the God of Winter was Orlanth’s brother. The younger egged on the elder, knowing that the death of the Emperor would make both of them strong. When Orlanth departed to repair the damage he had done and to save the whole world, Valind seduced one of Orlanth’s wild daughters. Ves Venna was the child of this union. He learned from his father’s example and initiated kinstrife. Kinstrife led to kin slaying. Valind tried to tame his son and failed. Keen-eyed star captain Sedenor witnessed the old god’s failure and offered his help. He stood in the sky as the polestar and gathered his people as they drove the children of wind and frost into the wilds. Penene abjured her wild sisters and married him.

The Events

Penny Bag has been reaching out to a kinslayer spirit. He has been making unfounded claims about Peck stealing the clan’s treasure. The crew gathered together all of the evidence and exposed him. They set off against the kinslayers and came across a demonic apparition using the shape of a dragon. Handor reveals that his tatoo is an exorcistic magic and is potent at dispelling demons. Goodguys win. What’s up with a clan heavyweight dabbling in kinstrife spirits?



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