Friends, Foes, and Fiends


Species Keyword

Rank: Hero (any opponent lesser than Hero, or a large mob of mundanes, must Stretch)

Extraordinary Abilities:
Otherworld Being, Heroic Rank, Vulnerable to Specific Magics

May be attacked with/defended against by Light magics, defended against with Dark magics, and loses Hero rank and invulnerability versus exorcistic magic, the use of its True Name, or a demon-specific Ability of some kind.

Demons exist in the Otherworld, at the intersection of many Underdarks. They are the refuse of countless epochs. Every demon is an outcast, one who has failed against a mythic power or been struck from a mythology. Demons brought bodily into the mundane are fearsome foes, vulnerable to exorcist magic, use of their true name, or Light and Darkness runes.

“Winter’s Bite”

“Orlanth’s youthful indiscretions produced many children, some acknowledged, some shunned. One shunned daughter was the product of a tryst with a daughter of Valind, Iskandhirr. As the darkness fell, she sought Orlanth’s blessing, vainly, and he set off on his quest to restore the sun. She resolved to punish him for his betrayal of herself and her mother. She lurked in the darkness, and found the husk of a water dragon he had slain. She clothed herself in its skin to terrify him. She waited aeons in the darkness to punish him, his kin, and his favoured children.”

Rank: Hero

  • Mundane individuals = Stretch & -6
  • Mundane groups = Stretch, no subtraction
  • Even most Heroes’ Rune magic = stretch


Demon, Dragon, Winter

Demon: Very High

  • Disguise
  • Resist Master’s Command
  • Hate Orlanthi

Dragon: Medium

  • Swallow Whole
  • Fly
  • Tail Smash
  • Strafe Fleeing Hordes
  • Rend
  • Grab

Water: Low


Snow, Darkness, Storm

Snow: Very High

  • Summon Snow
  • Melt Snow and Ice
  • Freeze Ground

Darkness: High

  • Dragon’s Shadow

Storm: Fair

  • Arctic Blast (cutting hail driven at gale-force speed)

Limits to Extraordinary Abilities:

  • Mundane targets can use Light Rune for Attack or Defense, albeit as a Stretch
  • Hero or higher may use only these Runes to bypass a Stretch

Obey invocation of True Name (14)
Vulnerable to Exorcisms (14)

Friends, Foes, and Fiends

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