Notes on Worship

These are the religious practices of your clan. They are really interesting.

Note: The players are all on individual religious quests. You worship who you want to worship. The main focus of your people is your Ancestral Shrine but you might have discovered the storm god within you, be attunded to illusion or disorder, etc. You come from an environment but that environment does not determine who you are. Moreover, you can change your people.

Main Religious Focus: Ancestors

  • Sendor: Heaven-sent hero, enemy of Chaos
  • Penene: Daughter of the Wilds
  • Bereneth: Tamer of Horses
  • Mother & Father Antanggi: People of the Shadow
    “Before us came the Jars Antanggi, People of the Shadow, scared and in tatters but proud and clever too. We saw their cunning in survival and how they used the very shadows as armor against their enemies. As their leaders had been broken and driven to the Winds, they came among us as shepherds and we called them cottars.”
  • Heort: Ancestral King of the people, who took Sendor as a thane.

Great God Most Commonly Invoked:

Ernalda: Earth

  • she taught us how to make useful things out of nature & animals
  • she taught us how to read and weave the tapestry of fate

Great God Acknowledged by All:

Orlanth: Storm God

  • taught us to explore, to learn secrets, to brave the darkness

Favoured Old God:

  • Acos, God of Stability.

Clan’s Mythological Enemy

  • The Bright Emperor, Yelm

God of Clan’s Traditional Enemies

  • Ves Venna, son of Winter, who brought kin-slaying to humanity

Nightmare Demon, Ultimate Bad, Bogeyman

  • The Thing With Many Bodies

Notes on Worship

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