The Clan

Clan History

Notes on Worship


Clan Statistics

Clan Values

• Hate Lunars
• Rebellious
• Courage
• Traditionalist

Clan Slogan

“No one can make you do anything.”




Element Rune: Earth
Power Rune: Stability & Law
Other Rune: Man

Resource Ratings

• War: 12W (or 32)
• Morale: 9W (or 29)
• Magic: 18
• Peace: 18
• Wealth: 12

Relationships with Neighbours

• 2 Friends (2 local clans)
• 3 Allies (2 local clans, trolls)
• 4 Enemies (Kinslayer band, Grazer band, Lunar-allied clan, a clan that tried to expand into yours)

Other Relationships

• Hate Forces of Winter
• Hate The Thing with Many Bodies
• Hate Those who claim that Arkat betrayed us
• Hate Fire Tribe and its worshippers (the male, sun-loving horse-riding Grazers)
• Hate Lunars
• Allied with Uz

Wyter Abilities

Your Wyter takes the physical form of the collection of iconic totems in your shrine. Each ability is represented by a small carved stone with icons that represent the story behind the ability in question.

• The Rich Swan’s Feast
• Goose Dance
• Defy the Bright Emperor.
• Follow the Hero into the Unknown Darkness
• Fate-Weaving
• Jars Antanggi’s Shadow Armour
• Curse Ves Venna son of Valind
• Resist the Winter Without End
• The Thing with Many Bodies Bound into One
• Falling Star Javelin
• Fight against Chaos
• Darkness: Awaken the Trolls


• Fear The Thing with Many Bodies.
• Fear Dragons

Clan Abilities

• Troll’s Peace Ritual
• Hunting

Clan Notes

  • Shrine to Our ancestors

Clan Myths

  • We were nearly exterminated in the Great Winter Without End. The story of how we survived is epitomizes the values of our people.
  • I will write a heroquest based on this.

Attitudes to Lunars

• Lunar Friendly 0%
• Lunar Hostile 100%

The Clan

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