For Clan, Kin, and the Gods

Fire Season

Fire Season, 1620

Sorry for the point form:

The players all react in various ways to the elders’ declaration of the omens

  • The ancestors declare that the time for war is come, use that War ability
  • The ancestors are also worried that the clan’s pathetic wealth will be even more hurt this year

Characters decide on a raid across Woodpecker territory to grab the early tax collectors of the Lunars, bring back some coin, and try to prep for coming trouble.

Lots of very fine roleplay and character interaction with NPCs.

Fictional maneuvering was quite good.

Kronicker cements his relationship with Gwynifar and engages in some flirtation with Peck

The clan was presented with a problem: strong omens that their warmaking would be blessed and they would suffer in their wealth this year. And strange draconic shadows and surprise frosts on the settlement. Most of the characters, except for Handor, overcome the Orlanthi “Fear Dragons” flaw. Each of them come up with different ways to overcome it.

The raid was quite well played and very inventive. They hit the tax collector caravans to get some coin, supplemented by disguising themselves as Woodpecker clansmen to deflect blame, and returning to the stead to seek out the source of the baleful magic. The opposition was provided by a senior clan member who wanted to use the clan’s magic to ensure a successful spring planting. The players used their abilities to Augment the Resource roll by the proposer of the scheme. The use of multiple player augments to one dramatic roll was also grokked quickly.

The raid was against opposition that was NOT part of any prep on my part so I stuck to the pass/fail rhythm. Their clan’s war rating of 29, augmented by some clever actions on their part and lingering bonuses from previous actions, came in at 45 (or 5 at 2 masteries) against the Lunars’ 14. I justified the low resistance by proposing that they had ambushed a payroll caravan of the Lunar administration and they just wanted to grab some bags of coin so it was an ideal situation. Each player either played or narrated what they were doing to aid the raid. There was nice synchronicity between the courses of action narrated and the Abilities brought to bear.



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