Upright, honest thane







  • Personality: Steadfast 13
  • Occupation: Thane 13
  • Clan: Old Stones 13

Rune Affinities

  • Path: Mastery: 17
    >>> Honour is greatest achievement: +1
  • Soul: Earth 13
  • Temperament: Truth 13


  • Charm: Blessing Tatoo from Sedenor’s Priest 13
  • Charm: Comet Birthmark (Omen) 13
  • Charm: Necklace of Victory Stones (13)


  • Bloodline: chief’s advisors: 13
  • Relationship: Doting Parents: 13
  • Tutored by : __________________
  • Clan’s champion: 13
  • Honor comes from fulfilling duty: 13
  • Hard working: 13
  • Approved by Elders: 13
  • Committed to tribal values: 13
  • Experienced diplomat: 13
  • Well-versed in local politics: 13
  • I am no coward: 13
  • Gallant: 13
  • Honourable: 13
  • Command band of thanes: 13
  • Lead clan in battle: 13
  • Proven in battle: 13
  • Skilled swordsman: 13


  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?

Can choose up to 3 Flaws.

Note: just using a list would have gotten you 15 abilities. Writing a creative thing gives you 19.

Take 20 points and distribute them among abilities. No ability can be raised by more than 10 points. Note: “Mastery” is a Keyword – the sub-abilities within it rise as the keyword rises.


Handor was born to parents both members of the chiefs advisors under a night sky adorned with the brilliant comet Adorask. His birth was lauded as an omen of glory yet to come, and the infant was blessed by the chief priest with much celebration. He grew up treated to the best tutors and most skilled warriors to teach him the best that the clan could offer. The customs, rituals and legends of the tribe were drilled into him and it was made clear that of all man could achieve, honour was the most important, and that honour came from fulfilment of duty. The youth worked hard to please his parents and the expectations of his elders, and he rejoiced in his successes and his commitment to the values instilled in him. Once he had proven himself in battle, and shown he was no coward, he felt sure that his destiny was secure, and his role as gallant and honourable thane would earn him a place next to his ancestors as a paragon of sacrifice, duty upheld and bravery.
Handor is a very skilled swordsman and well versed in politics and diplomacy as well as leadership rolls, especially commanding a unit of warriors.


For Clan, Kin, and the Gods ErikWeissengruber