Our Myths

Ves Venna and the Kin Slayers

Old Stones’ Legend

Valind the God of Winter was Orlanth’s brother. The younger egged on the elder, knowing that the death of the Emperor would make both of them strong. When Orlanth departed to repair the damage he had done and to save the whole world, Valind seduced one of Orlanth’s wild daughters. Ves Venna was the child of this union. He learned from his father’s example and initiated kinstrife. Kinstrife led to kin slaying. Valind tried to tame his son and failed. Keen-eyed star captain Sedenor witnessed the old god’s failure and offered his help. He stood in the sky as the polestar and gathered his people as they drove the children of wind and frost into the wilds. Penene abjured her wild sisters and married him.

Penene, the Daughter of the Wild Marries Sedenor

  • Orlanth defeated the Emperor
  • When freedom came, Penene lead the children of the wild in savage dances, even with the advent of the Great Winter
  • She and her band of celebrants came upon Heort’s people, shivering and lost
  • Penene took pity of them and tried to convince her sisters to show mercy. She failed and they devoured the children and the old, led hunters into the trackless waste, and taunted the mothers.
  • Penene tried to amend the damage her sisters had done by teaching them how to Resist Winter
  • Later, she taught a Curse against Ves Vena
  • Upon Sedenor’s advent, she took the time to aid Ernalda in repairing the Rug of Fate
  • In a moment of peace, Sedenor and Penene made their vows and Orlanth — though still on his quest to free the world from the darkness he brought, sent a gift to their wedding.
  • Their wedding was a light in the Darkness

Orlanth’s Departure

  • Orlanth one the love of one of the his brother Valind’s daughters.
  • Then he moved on to slay the Emperor
  • To heal the world he set off on his quest to recover the sun: this mean that he had to abandon his people
  • In his Lord’s absence, Heort held the people together
  • And as the darkness got worse, Sedenor dove from the sky to drive Ves Vena and the others away from the people.
  • While his friends and allies defended his people, he had do venture in the otherworld. There, he encountered the child of his transgression with his niece. He tried to make peace with her but failed, and she went spinning off into darkness and terror.
  • Before he departed on his great Lightbringer’s quest to recover the sun, he sent a gift back to reward Sedenor for taking care of his people. It was a light in the darkness, a spark of hope to old onto while he went further into the land of the dead.
  • Our Myths

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